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"It is the call of Acharya Dev shree to shatter all boundaries of religion and to welcome such an immortal ‘dharma’ which is filled with peace, serenity, love, affection, compassion and which is for the well being of humanity. Let us endeavor for such a ‘dharma’ in which every feeling is honoured, where there is no distance, no dejection."

‘Karunya Jyoti Foundation’

Karunya Jyoti means – Light of Compassion ‘the Karuna’.
Karunya Jyoti Foundation is a shape of our revered Acharya Dev shree’s life’s mission, a sage who personifies ‘compassion’ in real sense.
He says that the adverse conditions of the present society are because of lack of compassion. Compassion is not pity. It is the high level of sensitivity that can even break the huge wall of inequality between the rich and the poor, between the high and the low. ReadMore....


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