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‘Karunya Jyoti Foundation’
Karunya Jyoti means – Light of Compassion ‘the Karuna’
Karunya Jyoti Foundation is a shape of our revered Acharya Dev shree’s life’s mission, a sage who personifies ‘compassion’ in real sense.
He says that the adverse conditions of the present society are because of lack of compassion. Compassion is not pity. It is the high level of sensitivity that can even break the huge wall of inequality between the rich and the poor, between the high and the low.
We can understand ‘compassion’ as - when we give alms to a beggar this is pity but when we snatch away his poverty, his tears and give him a state of bliss, a smile...this is compassion, the ‘karuna’..And our aim is to enlighten the soul with this light of compassion to make this earth a beautiful and joyous place for all. as the greatest service is to share with others the joys of living.
Under this theme several programs are running like

Educational programs in villages - Karunya Jyoti Foundation is determined to give light to those people living in rural areas and who are still living under the darkness of deprived life. Our aim is to educate children in a way that they will be able to stand on their own feet leaving not behind our social and moral values.

*Devrishi Sanskrit Vidyapeeth –
In this series of schooling free education is given to the children of poor farmers where we have combined our ancient Vedic Studies with Contemporary knowledge to lead forth from doubt to certainty and from darkness to light. At present we have students whose expenses are born by Karunya Jyoti Foundation and some generous devotees.

Vocational training – Special projects to generate self-employment in rural areas our team of experts visit and train them in different skills like-
    1. Sewing, yarning, stitching
    2. Handicraft (art, painting, sculpture-making)
    3. Making incense-sticks (agarbati, dhoop)
    4. candle-making
    5. Giving basic computer-education.
From time to time sewing machines, blankets, garments, tricycles for physically challenged people, computers are provided to needy people.

Tejaswini Naari Sangthan –
We have this sangthan to empower the woman, to make woman realize about her potentials, her place. With this initiative we are trying to lead woman on the path of transformation from Naari to Narayani.

Some camps are also organized to train people for disaster management in which experts with their equipments train general public for that purpose.
Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan - Next issue that Acharya Dev shree feels very sensitive is drug-addiction. For its eradication Pujya Dev shree has started an awareness campaign where with the help of experts and special teaching aids His divine presence and effective utterances help them to overcome their weaknesses and give them a hope that they can give their lives a new beginning and can inspire others to do so.
To rejoin our elderly citizens to the main stream of society we have tried to incorporate them in a creative manner. According to their talent we give them work so that they should never feel dejected and useless. Like some devotees of Acharya Dev shree who were teachers they voluntarily teach poor students, and hence a special bonding is made among them.
Some future projects of Karunya Jyoti Foundation in which you can also contribute ,are -

-Three to four mobile vans for giving medical assistance to the poor residing in distant villages.